What Is an Aid and Attendance Fully Developed Claim?

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The fastest way to receive VA Aid and Attendance benefits is to submit what is known as a fully developed claim.

Receiving a quick response from the VA is important. VA benefits can pay up to $2,642 per month for home care and senior living care. Given that the cost of care can be quite high, receiving money from the VA in the shortest time possible is a great help for families.

But what is a fully developed claim?

A fully developed claim (FDC) for Aid and Attendance benefits is an application that gets approved without additional requests for information. If the VA grants benefits without asking for more information, than you’ve submitted an FDC.

This can be easier said that done. Submitting a claim to the VA requires completing and sending many VA forms and supporting documentation to the VA. The process is complicated further because different applicants may need to submit more or less paperwork to ensure that they’ve sent a FDC to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Here are some of the documentation that every applicant for VA pension benefits should submit to ensure that they’ve completed a fully developed claim.

  • — Discharge Paperwork
  • — Medical/healthcare documentation
  • — Cost of care documentation
  • — The completed application

In addition to the above documentation, submitting an FDC could also require income and asset information, marriage and/or death certificates, and potentially other information.

What’s the easiest way to submit a fully developed claim?

Using AidandAttendance.com to submit your claim for Aid and Attendance benefits is a great way to apply for benefits. We are seeing many applications for VA benefits approved in under 60 days.

Our technology allows you to complete the different VA forms without making mistakes and without the guesswork that comes with completing government forms.

We provide detailed and comprehensive instructions about what supporting documentation the applicant needs, where and how to send information, and even how to qualify for an extra month or more of benefits.