The VA benefit Aid and Attendance application was completely overwhelming to me, I had no clue where to begin in filling out this 30 page application, or more importantly what pages were required. However, after being informed about completing the application using the online website, I decided to try this out. The use of this site made the process completely intuitive and saved me an enormous amount of time and effort. With just a few screens to capture the pertinent information, I was able to complete the entire application within a 30 minute period. Later I had to make make a change, it was super beneficial to have the entire application in an electronic format for easy edits and re-printing. This made the application process fast and simple to do. I would highly recommend using the online website which provides an efficient guide through completing this application, simplifying an otherwise daunting process.

My father’s benefits were approved in under two months for $1,911/month.

Pittsburgh, PA, Michael