Watch to see how easy completing the application can be.

Patricia – Richmond, Virginia

“ helped my dad to get assistance with paying for mom’s care 9 days after I faxed in his completed application!! The assistance from the support staff that I received while completing the online application was awesome! The staff actually called me to offer help when I received an error! is a great service. All staff who helped me with information and guidance helped because they care. We thank you so much.”

Ann – Layfield, PA

“I finally received a response from Veteran’s Affairs. They have approved my aunt for the Aid and Attendance and she is receiving the monthly benefit! So relieved, the additional monthly income is invaluable.
I want to thank you and your staff for all the help you gave me. The application process, although very time consuming, went smoothly with you help and guidance, Thanks for the web presentation through Chestnut Knoll, it was most beneficial. I contacted you and your office several times through my application process. I know you, as well as other staff helped me. I spoke with your tech person several times. Every single person I spoke with was friendly and very helpful.
So, thank you again to you and your wonderful staff. Your time and answers were much appreciated.”

Ann – Manchester, NH

“Mom’s first VA pension payment was direct deposited into her checking account today! Many thanks from our family for your expertise and getting the application submitted perfectly so that it was approved right away. This is obviously going to be a huge help in paying for her long term care.”

Jean – Raleigh, NC

“Thank you for the assistance in filing the Aid & Attendance application for my mother. Not only was my application approved, and the pensions awarded for the full amount, but it was back dated to the day I initially started using your software. Though we can surely use the money, it is about more than the money, it is another way that my father continues to take care of my mother, at a time when she needs it the most.
My mother and I are so relieved, and so grateful for your guidance. This is indeed the best $99 I’ve ever spent.”

Starr – Burton Woods, VA

“My experience could not have been better. Although the process can be very overwhelming, your team was there every step of the way to answer any questions I had and to explain things until I understood (which took a few tries at times). Thanks to their help and direction the process was completed in a timely fashion, without any mistakes and processed promptly. I am forever grateful to have worked with them and commend them for the great job they do.”

Susan – Saint Pauls, NC

“I used your website, submitted all the paper work and had an answer that his benefits were approved in a matter of weeks. Your staff is amazing and were there all the way for any questions I had. I would like to thank you for helping me get my fathers VA benefits. Your instruction on what I needed and how to properly put it in order to submit it was fantastic.
I highly recommend your company to anyone who is in need of getting Aid and Attendance for a veteran. Thank you again so very much.”

Richard – Sandy, Utah

“Thank you for your support in developing the needed forms and documentation to obtain the VA Aid and Attendance for our Mother. The VA approval was granted within about four weeks after submittal. Your software and “help line” support were key elements in being able to get such a rapid approval. In addition, your listed order of documentation submittal was also a key factor. I would recommend the use of your software as a speedy way to develop the necessary documentation for this process.”

Richard – Spokane, Washington

“The assistance and application that we received from was extremely helpful in securing aid and attendance funding for my father-in-law. We completed the application process in a short period of time and were successful in the review process. I would not want to undertake this process without the application and guidance that we received from Thank you.”

Michael – Pittsburgh, PA

“The VA benefit Aid and Attendance application was completely overwhelming to me, I had no clue where to begin in filling out this 30 page application, or more importantly what pages were required. However, after being informed about completing the application using the online website, I decided to try this out. The use of this site made the process completely intuitive and saved me an enormous amount of time and effort. With just a few screens to capture the pertinent information, I was able to complete the entire application within a 30 minute period. Later I had to make make a change, it was super beneficial to have the entire application in an electronic format for easy edits and re-printing. This made the application process fast and simple to do. I would highly recommend using the online website which provides an efficient guide through completing this application, simplifying an otherwise daunting process.
My father’s benefits were approved in under two months for $1,911/month.”

Ted – Smithfield, Rhode Island

“Just wanted to say how happy we were with your product and service…Would highly recommend to veterans and their families.”

Joyce – Charlotte, North Carolina

“Your efficient system for completing the VA form–and even more, your unbelievably excellent customer support–have made applying for aid and attendance for my loved one an easy and pleasant process. When some detailed questions inevitably came up, you were easily available, amazingly patient, and thoroughly knowledgeable. You instantly turned what I thought were insurmountable roadblocks into a smooth pathway to a completed application. You always exceeded my expectations. You acted as though I was your only customer and you came to work that day just to help me. I will always be grateful for your skill and your kindness.”

Penny – Houston, Texas

“This was the best $99 I’ve ever spent! I got everything filled out for my mother…I’m so elated, thank you very much.”

If after watching the video you still have questions, call 800-626-7145.

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