Watch to see how easy completing the application can be.

Richard – Sandy, Utah

“Thank you for your support in developing the needed forms and documentation to obtain the VA Aid and Attendance for our Mother. The VA approval was granted within about four weeks after submittal. Your software and “help line” support were key elements in being able to get such a rapid approval. In addition, your listed order of documentation submittal was also a key factor. I would recommend the use of your software as a speedy way to develop the necessary documentation for this process.”

Richard – Spokane, Washington

“The assistance and application that we received from was extremely helpful in securing aid and attendance funding for my father-in-law. We completed the application process in a short period of time and were successful in the review process. I would not want to undertake this process without the application and guidance that we received from Thank you.”

Michael – Pittsburgh, PA

“I filled out the app, took me just about 1 hr…The site seems to work well, I like the percentage completion and it was straight forward.”

Ted – Smithfield, Rhode Island

“Just wanted to say how happy we were with your product and service…Would highly recommend to veterans and their families.”

Joyce – Charlotte, North Carolina

“Your efficient system for completing the VA form–and even more, your unbelievably excellent customer support–have made applying for aid and attendance for my loved one an easy and pleasant process. When some detailed questions inevitably came up, you were easily available, amazingly patient, and thoroughly knowledgeable. You instantly turned what I thought were insurmountable roadblocks into a smooth pathway to a completed application. You always exceeded my expectations. You acted as though I was your only customer and you came to work that day just to help me. I will always be grateful for your skill and your kindness.”

Penny – Houston, Texas

“This was the best $99 I’ve ever spent! I got everything filled out for my mother…I’m so elated, thank you very much.”

If after watching the video you still have questions, call 800-626-7145.

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