Member Benefits has created a membership program exclusively for Veterans, Surviving Spouses and their families. This membership provides applicants an easy way to complete lengthy and often confusing paperwork that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires in order to apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit.

Members gain access to a multitude of tools and resources that can help you understand your current and future finances while paying for senior care, plan for burial expenses, understand how to respond to VA questions, gain knowledge of Medicaid benefits in your state as well as several other resources. members enjoy all of these benefits.

Application Software

      • A proprietary software that simplifies the process by allowing VA forms to be completed electronically.
      • Automatically and seamlessly provides the supporting documents specific to your individual situation.
      • Reduces completion time of the VA application down to approximately an hour.

Resource Library

      • A collection of intensively researched guides to help throughout the application process as well as tools to maintain benefits.

Funeral Estate Planning

      • Resources to help families plan and execute every detail of a funeral, burial or cremation, from finding a cemetery to last minute travel arrangements. *Requires additional registration
      • Funeral expense policies, which in most cases, can immediately make the funds exempt from Medicaid.

Instructions for Communicating with the VA

      • Sample responses to the VA if there are requests for additional information about your application.

Medicaid Resources

      • Access to state specific Medicaid information from leading legal experts.

Access to Referral Resources

      • Real estate specialists who are specifically chosen for their commitment and expertise in working with seniors.
      • Financial professionals who structure savings to pay for care expenses while maintaining VA benefit eligibility.
      • Bridge loans designed to pay senior living and home care expenses while waiting for a home to sell.
      • Access to a network of VA accredited attorneys.
      • Additional benefits and resources are added every month. reserves the right to change or substitute benefits, products, or services included with membership. Only the Department of Veterans Affairs makes the eligibility decision and determines the monetary benefits an applicant is entitled to. is ​NOT​​ a part of the VA or any government agency.