Requesting a benefit increase from the VA

If you are receiving a partial aid and attendance award from the VA, you may be able to request an increased benefit.

There are three reasons why you may be eligible for additional money from the VA.

  1. Your income has decreased. For example, you’ve stopped taking RMD’s from your IRA. Or an income annuity you were receiving has stopped. In this situation, you are likely eligible for increased pension from the VA.
  2. You want to report your non regular medical expenses. On the original application, you cannot report expenses such as doctor’s visits or prescription costs. However, at the end of the year, you can now report these expenses.
  3. Your regular care costs have increased. If the cost of your facility or home care has increased, you can report this to the VA.

How do I request the increase?

You will need to ask the VA for a benefit increase on VA Form 21-4138.

If your regular cost of care (facility or home care) has increased, tell the VA the exact increase and the exact date the increase began. You will also need to complete and submit VA Form 21P-8416 and a new care provider statement.

On the 21P-8416, you will need to enter in dates on the form. The start date should be the effective date of your claim. This can be found on the award letter. The end date should be the last day of the calendar year (i.e. 12/31/2021).

If you are only reporting expenses such as prescription costs and doctor visits, you do not need a new care provider statement. Collect these expenses and then report them on the 8416. If the veteran has 10 prescription expenses throughout the year from the same pharmacy, do not list each expense separately. Add them all up and then report as one expense. For “Date Paid”, write “Above Dates”.

Keep in mind that whether you are reporting increased facility or home care costs, the care provider will need to sign VA Form 21P-8416.