Medical Information

What Medical Information do I need to submit?

Our application tool will fill out the following two different medical statements for you: 1) VA Form 21-2680 and 2) The Physician’s Statement. You must submit both of these forms. You do not need to submit any additional medical documentation. If your doctor writes something like, “see attachment” on VA Form 21-2680, then you should include this attachment when you submit VA Form 21-2680.

What information must be provided on VA Form 21-2680 and the Physician’s Statement?

Our portal provides you with a fully completed Physician’s Statement that only requires a signature.

VA Form 21-2680 must be completed accurately and with as much detail as possible. The person completing this form must list a complete diagnosis in question 17. This form must show that the veteran, spouse, or surviving spouse requires assistance with the activities that they can’t perform on their own (i.e. bathing, dressing, medication management, transferring, etc.…). If the question requires an explanation (26 through 32), the healthcare provider should provide an explanation.

Who can sign VA Form 21-2680 and the Physician’s Statement?

These forms can only be signed by one of the following: a physician, a physician’s assistant, a certified nurse practitioner, or a clinical nurse specialist.