Marital Information

The VA requires complete marital information be reported on the application for Aid and Attendance benefits.

This can be problematic for some families. Aging parents and grandparents often cannot remember details of marriages that ended over 50 years ago. Sometimes, family members are unaware of the prior marriages.

Nonetheless, the Department of Veterans Affairs will not accept partial or incomplete information for prior marriages. The VA will request additional information and ultimately deny an application for benefits if incomplete marital information is submitted.

This means that you must report all marital information requested on the VA’s application, including dates, places, and names. Oftentimes, this information can be gathered from family members or websites like

It is important to know the following: the VA does not fact check marital information reported on the application.

All families should do their best to locate and report correct marital information to the VA. However, marital information that may be slightly inaccurate will not result in a request for more information or denial from the VA.