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Financial Specialists

A financial specialist helps you plan for long term health costs, IRA tax minimization, estate planning, bridge loans, insurance coverage, inheritance planning and other financial goals.

The benefits of using a Financial Specialist:

  • Guaranteed retirement income
    • As life expectancy has increased, retirees count on their savings to last longer. It is important to have a source of retirement income you can not outlive.
  • Tax-efficient strategies
    • There are ways to minimize the taxes of an IRA, 401k, 403b or highly appreciated annuities. Passing along these accounts to heirs often passes along a tax burden which can cost heirs 25-50% of the account’s value in taxes.
  • Estate maximization
    • Leave a legacy to be proud of by maximizing the estate left to loved ones. In some cases, fully taxable IRAs can be converted into a tax free inheritance for their children and grandchildren. This tax efficient wealth replacement strategy is something for anyone with a large IRA to consider.
  • Long-term care
    • Traditional policies with monthly or annual premiums payable for 7 or 10 years and some that offer lifetime payments to keep premiums lower.
    • Other options include innovative lump-sum single payment options. This is extremely popular after a parent passes away and leaves an inheritance.
    • Certain long term care contracts are an excellent way to utilize a highly appreciated annuity or life insurance with high cash value.
  • Life insurance
    • Unexpected deaths are just that: unexpected, but the financial repercussions on your family or business associates don’t have to be.
    • For some families, life insurance is an incredible wealth creation tool to leave a meaningful legacy to children and grandchildren.
  • Bridge loans
    • Loans are designed to pay senior living care and home care expenses while awaiting an award from the Department of Veterans Affairs or for a home to sell.