Aid and Attendance

VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit

“Aid and Attendance” is a commonly used term for a Pension benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that is available to qualifying wartime Veterans and their Surviving Spouses. Aid and Attendance is part of the VA’s Disability and Death Pension programs. Other names for these Pensions include Special Monthly Pension, Income Improvement Pension, Non-Service Connected Disability Pension, and Death Pension.

Aid and Attendance refers to the fact that in order to qualify for this higher level of Pension, the Veteran or Surviving Spouse must demonstrate a regular need for assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) or the need to live in a protected environment because of physical or cognitive disability. ADLs can include bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring, ambulating and feeding. Such assistance is most commonly provided in an assisted living community or at home from a home care agency or family member.

The Aid and Attendance benefit is a income program for Veterans who require care for a disability unrelated to their military service. The VA will also provide income to a Surviving Spouse who was married to a Veteran with qualifying military service. Veterans and Surviving Spouses must prove eligibility based on the Veteran’s wartime service, health and care needs, income versus medical expenses and total assets.

How Do I Determine if I Am Eligible? provides a short evaluation tool to see if you meet the VA’s eligibility criteria and determines if you are a good candidate to apply for the benefit. Using the questionnaire is free of charge.

Only the Department of Veterans Affairs can decide if an applicant is eligible for Aid and Attendance Pension. is NOT​​ a part of the VA or any government agency.