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Thank you for completing our comprehensive questionnaire. We have generated the following report to give you a better understanding of the surviving spouses situation and the necessary resources to educate and guide you through the Aid and Attendance application process.

According to you answers, we believe you will be awarded up to $1,432 a month. We have compiled a list of resources that can benefit the Surviving Spouse. If they are interested in being contacted by any of them check the boxes, and enter the primary contact name, phone number and email address to the fields below. On the bottom of this page we have 2 options you can use to start the process of being awarded the Aid and Attendance benefits.

1) Based on the information you have provided, the surviving spouse does not have enough liquid assets to cover 6 months worth of expenses. We recommend they speak to an expert that has helped thousands of families in the same situation.

2)The surviving spouse anticipates selling their property in the next several years. We have a network of over 1,000 real estate experts that specialize in working with senior home sales.

3) Some families would prefer to discuss their situation with an attorney Accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you are interested, we can schedule a consolation with an attorney. The initial consultation is at no charge, but if you retain an attorney for any services, there are fees associated with his/her assistance.

4) The surviving spouse has not prepaid the final expenses. We recommend they speak to an expert in this field that can help.