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January 2020

How To Expedite An Aid And Attendance Claim

Expediting A Claim There are only a few ways exist to expedite an Aid and Attendance claim. 1) The veteran was a prisoner of war. 2) The applicant is terminally ill. 3) The applicant is under financial duress, which means they are receiving eviction notices or the utility company is about to turn off the lights. Way to make the process quicker Aside from the three ways mentioned above, sending a fully developed claim may…

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American Merchant Marines Aid and Attendance Eligibility

American Merchant Marines in oceangoing service during the period of armed conflict (December 7, 1941, to August 15, 1945) and meet at least 1 of the following qualifications:   1. Employed by Office of Defense Transportation (or their agents) or the War Shipping Administration as a merchant seaman documented by the Department of Commerce (Merchant Mariner’s Document/Certificate of Service) or U.S. Coast Guard 2. A civil servant employed by the U.S. Army Transport Service (later…

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