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July 2019

Aid and Attendance Pension after October 17, 2018

After years of false-starts and deliberation, the Department of Veterans Affairs finally implemented significant rule changes to their pension program.  Commonly referred to as aid and attendance, the pension benefit underwent important and major changes effective October 18th, 2018.  This article will not be an exhaustive report of all rule changes to the aid and attendance pension program.  If you would like to read the full rule changes, they can be found here.  However, after…

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VA Form 21P-0969

VA Form 21P-0969 is a new Department of Veterans Affairs form.  Most claimants applying for the aid and attendance pension will need to complete and submit VA Form 21P-0969 as part of their claim for VA benefits.  This article will explain why the Department of Veterans Affairs created VA Form 21P-0969 and which applicants need to complete this form.  We will also offer some tips to ensure successful completion of this form. VA Form 21P-0969:…

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VA Form 21P-534 EZ — The Surviving Spouse Application

If you are the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran and want to apply for aid and attendance pension, you must complete VA Form 21P-534 EZ.  The Department of Veterans Affairs published a new VA Form 21P-534 EZ dated October of 2018.  This new 534 EZ supersedes the old 534 EZ dated June of 2018.  This is not the case with VA Form 21P-534 EZ.  It is materially different from the old 534 EZ.  If…

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